Stopping Frauds in Real Time

Reduction in RTO, Increase in RevenueContact Us
Charge per Transactioni We are profit centre, not cost centre.
For higher volumes, pricing can be discussed
0.3% of Transaction value eg. Rs.3 on Rs.1000 transaction
Integration i Get started against Frauds with our smooth and fast integration using our Plugins, APIs and SDKs.
Plugins, APIs & SDKs
Auto Fulfillment i Save on mannual review cost by initiating automation on high risk orders.
Customisationi Accomodate your experience and learnings to raise Red flags for special use cases.
Data Sources Included i Get benifited by our knowledge pool and avoid fraudulent emails and numbers.
Network Effectsi Benefit from our network effects and avoid community abusers.
Client Supporti Just drop a message and we will be at your service.
Highly Responsive